The mission of this site is to keep the Gabbriola Island Community informed on their ferry's issues
as well as being able to express their views.

Important Dates

A fare increase on Jan. 17 as a fuel surcharge

Also on Jan. 17

Ratepayers Workshop to assist applications for property tax assessment appeals

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BC Ferries failing!

!100 Questions regarding the Consultation Process!



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We are now having to fight to keep our ferry service the way it has grown with our community

The Consultation process which started in 2012 is now spitting out its findings which only echo the scenario of the last ten years.

The Ferry Advisory Committee Chairs, October 16, 2013 stated:

"Coastal British Columbia is an iconic and profitable region of the province. Its prosperity depends on transportation, the same as in other regions. This requires public investment comparable to public investment in other regions. On the coast, it means investing in ferries.

If the current level of public investment is considered reasonable, why is ferry service in trouble?

We believe the system is in trouble because it has hit an affordability spiral. Fares are simply beyond what is reasonable and ever fewer people are paying. The province recognizes that action is needed, but its plan, to cut service, will have a minimal impact on the affordability spiral."

Ferrysystem traffic changes since the Coastal Ferry Act, compared to what traffic would have been if it were correlated to 1 % growth. (Data: BC Ferries)